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  • Increase your employment opportunities

    Be on a list of medical writers that employers, clients, agencies and brands can browse and have the option to choose you.

  • Get lifetime listing and update it any time

    No need to pay a membership fee every month or every year, and you can make a change to your listing whenever you want.

  • We actively promote this list for you

    We actively promote this list to clients, employers, agencies and brands so you have a greater chance of being found.

Course curriculum

    1. What is the Medical Writer Directory?

    2. The benefits of joining the Medical Writer Directory

    3. Who can view the Medical Writer Directory?

    1. How to join the Medical Writer Directory

    1. How to make changes to your listing on the Medical Writer Directory

    2. Who maintains the Medical Writer Directory listings?

    1. Thank you for joining the Medical Writer Directory

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