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  • Master a lucrative skill that is ALWAYS in demand - make it work for your clients & for yourself

  • Learn how to make HELPFUL easy to find internet content people will love

  • Learn the tricks of the trade to outsmart your competition and climb Google rankings

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to this course

    2. How to ask questions and download resources

    3. What you will learn and resources

    1. What is SEO

    2. Why do you need to know SEO

    3. Helpful websites for SEO

    4. Easiest way to maintain SEO

    1. SEO pyramid part 1

    2. SEO pyramid part 2

    3. Search demand curve

    1. Marketing funnels

    2. TOFU

    3. MOFU

    4. BOFU

    5. Loyalty

    1. What is link building

    2. Different types of links

    1. On page SEO part 1

    2. On page SEO part 2

    3. Off page SEO part 1

    4. Off page SEO part 2

    5. Off page vs on page SEO summary

About this course


Your teacher for this course

Virginia Chachati

A pharmacist turned medical writer with tremendous experience in creating courses and educating new and upcoming medical writers. Highlights include writing for online doctors and producing award-winning website copy for a hospital in Central London.

Hass Thwaini

A specialist clinical pharmacist turned medical writer, honing close-to-a-decade of experience within the healthcare industry. Hassan has worked with a number of healthcare brands, from small independent clinics to world-leading pharmaceutical companies.

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